Everyday we are presented with an opportunity to choose peace, to choose happiness, to choose our state of being. Each choice we make either leads us to or away from personal fulfillment. It can be challenging at times to make choices that will serve us for the better.

With practice and awareness, it does become easier. Having an open mind is the first step to allowing in new ways of thinking and being that make for a more enjoyable life. 50 Days of Grace is here to support you on your path.

“Simple, elegant, and yet profound.
This book shows you how touching into Grace everyday
can transform your life in miraculous ways.  
Give yourself the Gift of Grace.”

Valerie Bishop
Author - Land Beyond the Clouds


“Kristin Rocco has an incredibly powerful way of
writing words that speak to the soul.
Her passages will move you into a state of joy, peace, and love,
which you'll carry with you throughout your day.
50 Days of Grace is the gateway to more ease and flow in your life.” 

Keara Palmay
Digital Marketing Expert


“All of us become weary at one time or another in our lives.
It is amazing to have people like Kristin Rocco who
can help bring us comfort through her writing on a daily basis.”

Brenda Isaac
Author - Joyful Relationships