I am on a personal and spiritual growth journey. From meditation and yoga to holistic nutrition to transformational studies, I love peeling back the many layers of myself. I  am fascinated with the mind, the body and the spirit. I get a thrill when I explore the depths of my being and discover something new. What I know for sure is that my journey is a lifelong commitment, and that each new discovery or insight brings forth a deeper sense of peace, happiness, freedom and excitement for life.

This book began to write itself after my first transformational seminar. Upon completion, I would have bursts of inspiration flow through me. I knew I had to write down what I was hearing in my head. The words that became passages spoke to me dearly and touched a deep place within. I never knew when the inspiration would come, but I lit up like a light bulb when it did. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with this inspiration, but I knew I had to write it down. Fast forward to today, five years later, I picked my favorite fifty passages, and published 50 Days of Grace.

KRISTIN ROCCO is passionate about health, wellness and personal expansion. Her never-ending journey of self-discovery serves as her motivation for sharing her gifts with all those who seek a richer, fuller experience from life. She has certifications in reiki, yoga and holistic childbirth education and has studied herbalism as part of the inaugural class at the Arbor Vitae school in New York City.